This is Street Feeding in Santa Monica, California,

Hello, my name is Chris Sanders and I am trying to create a new media trend called
"Street Feeding" the object is to have as many, young citizens in the world
to participate as possible.  How far can 20 double stack burgers go?  Well, they are on sale for $1.00 so you are about to see Street Feeding in action.

If you have beer money, you can feed the homeless. 
Together we should realize that we face a world wide epidemic.

We don't want to enable people that might have bad habits,
we do not want to set our selves up for lawsuits, but we do want to help. 

Join Street Feeding Today! When you load up your video on YouTube make sure you put up Street Feeding in your title and key words.  Its got to start with YOU! 
Together we can end the war on Hunger!  Join us.
Together with Feed a Million and Feed a Billion, we can make the difference!
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